K-TCG Membership
Membership Eligibility
The field of membership in K-TCG is limited to those air forces operating Korean-made aircraft. By concluding memorandum of understanding,
an interested party may become a member of K-TCG.
Membership Request
An eligible nation for K-TCG membership is either operating Korean-made aircraft or under a contract. Membership can be granted by the conclusion of memorandum on technical information exchange.
A nation may request the membership by either directly contacting K-TCG or sending an official letter of requesting membership to ROKAF logistics command.
Conclusion of Memorandum of Understanding
For the conclusion of memorandum of understanding on technical information exchange with ROKAF,
corresponding memorandum form will be sent to a membership-requesting nation from ROKAF logistics command.
Participating in K-TCG
Member countries of K-TCG
1. Participating in annual K-TCG Conference hosted by ROKAF
2. Hosting ICR meetings within the boundary of a member country
3. The K-TCG Website exclusively prepared for responding to technical inquiries and
    information exchange of operating Korean-made aircraft